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VOICE 2019 Wrap-Up

Tellables was a startup sponsor and exhibitor at last week’s VOICE Summit 2019, hosted by the team at Modev. We had a terrific time in Newark at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where we had Table 1 in Startup Alley (the best location in the house!). Here are our key conference takeaways:

Voice-First Content Is a Paradigm Shift

Voice technology is still new and publishers are just beginning to explore the possibilities. For most publishers, the question is how to leverage their existing content and easily re-purpose it for voice. Unfortunately, there’s no easy transition from written publications to an audio-first and conversational medium like voice assistants.

Conversational Design Strategies are Maturing

Practitioners of voice user interface design, often referred to as VUX Design, are beginning to coalesce around new principles. Flowcharts and phone tree type conversational models are out. Situational and conversational models are in.

Why is this important? For a voice-first publisher like Tellables, it’s critical to stay on top of the latest innovations in conversational design. By using proven techniques and the latest tools, we can help authors enhance their stories by publishing them inside the most powerful and engaging conversational experiences.

Voice-First Business Models are Emerging

It’s clear that voice assistants, in all their various forms, are not a passing fad. People are buying more of them and they’re showing up in more devices and environments. While it’s still too early to make lots of money selling content on voice assistants, there are encouraging signs that people value quality voice-first content.

A few of the top third-party skill developers on Amazon Alexa have been successful at attracting and retaining subscribers for their high-quality content. Their success is a positive sign for publishers seeking to grow an audience and reward authors of voice-driven conversational stories.

Digital Book World is Next!

In just over a month we’re heading to Nashville, TN for Digital Book World. While the VOICE Summit was directed at technologists, marketers, and enterprises, DBW is all about authors, publishers, and content providers. 

We’re excited to speak with authors about how they can enhance their stories by publishing them inside our conversational experiences. We also have an announcement about our involvement at Digital Book World that we’ll be sharing soon!


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