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July 30, 2019
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September 2, 2019

Assortment 9: Women’s Equality Day!

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

In the U.S. we celebrate Women’s Equality on August 26th. What’s special about that day? A century ago, that date marked an important milestone in the march for women’s civil rights. You can learn more by listening to the first candy story in the box!

One of our regular contributing authors suggested we use this occasion to present an assortment of chocolate stories addressing the themes of equality and empowerment for women.

Like most of our boxes, this special assortment contains a variety of flavors, characters, and circumstances. But all of them revolve around the chocolate shops of our virtual chocolatiers.

How to Enjoy

If it’s your very first time opening a box, try saying “Alexa, enable My Box of Chocolates.” After that you can simply ask Alexa to “open My Box of Chocolates” whenever you have time to relax and enjoy a few bite-sized stories.

Featuring ….

We’re pleased to present the featured independent authors of the Women’s Equality assortment. See the bottom of this post for information on how to become a featured author in an upcoming assortment!

Featured Authors

Jemi Fraser

Chocolate Nr. 2  – Octahedron Chocolate
Coco prepares a special candy for a unique young woman, but she fails to appear as expected.

“She was never late for anything, but she was late today. Did that mean bad news?”

Chocolate Nr.  5  – Walnuts and Cream
One of Amber’s regular customers encounters a rather rude gentleman in the chocolate shop. It won’t be the last time she sees him.

“One Monday morning, Harper opened the door of my shop and held it for a man in his forties. The man was on his phone, and didn’t even thank her. “

Jemi Fraser is an eclectic reader and writer. Her suspense story Until Release is in the Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime anthology. DANCING WITH DEMENTIA, a guide to recognizing and coping with the early stages of Dementia, will be available in the fall of 2019.

Brian Bohmueller

Chocolates 6, 7,  & 8 – Part 1, 2, & 3  Wonder Woman Truffle
Brandon pays homage to his resilient sister by recounting one of her defining moments of courage.

“I know many people choose famous role models like Sally Ride or Harriet Tubman. But my role model is my sister Molly Jenkins.”

Brian Bohmueller is a mechnical engineer, science educator and grassroots activist in several n-verses. On this timelime specifically he writes SpecFic, poetry and ethical thought experiments at GoodnessFirst.com. He also enjoys letterboxing, kayaking, and puzzles with extra meta. 

Iana Thomas

Chocolate Nr. 9 – Rocky Road Praline
Opal’s customer Kim is back at the chocolate shop, this time sharing a story of inspiration.

“If the women are asking to do it, men would be wise not to stand in their way.”

Iana Thomas is the author of Shattering the Silence!, a personal account of abuse intended to encourage others to stand up and be heard. For Thomas, writing is a vehicle through which she chooses to travel life’s journey and share her experience with others.  She has written two plays, one of which is based off of her book. Thomas is a nurse and a native of Tampa, FL, where she currently resides. Instagram: @iana.allday

Our Author’s Writing Guide

We’ve put together a new comprehensive writing guide that offers tips on how to craft conversational stories well-suited to the My Box of Chocolates voice app. We’ll be adding the guide to our website soon, but if you’d like an advance copy, reach out to me at amy@tellables.com. Also see our Chocolate Box Stories page for more details and follow us on Instagram @Tellables!


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