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September 2, 2019
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September 6, 2019

Preview of our Conversational Storytelling Workshop at Digital Book World

Next week brings us the exciting Digital Book World Conference, one of the great events managed by Score Publishing, the same team that’s bringing us Project Voice in January.

Digital Book World 2019

We’re excited to be offering a workshop for authors at the upcoming Digital Book World in Nashville, TN. The pre-conference workshop, titled “Writing Conversational Stories for Emerging Tech Platforms is scheduled for September 9th at 1:30pm in the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel 

Digital Book World brings together a diverse group of authors, publishers, and publishingrelated organizations and businesses. The common denominator is a sense of urgency about emerging digital trends impacting publishing. eBooksaudiobooks, and even interactive mobile story apps are well-established. The world of voice-driven interactive stories, however, is still emerging. 

A New Type of Storytelling

In our view, voice assistants open the door to a completely new type of storytelling. Devices enabled with voice technology—such as Amazon’s Echo smart speaker—can understand what people sayallowing authors to create story experiences that engage listeners in a two-way conversation.  

Tellables has been crafting conversational stories designed for smart speakers and voice assistants since 2016Through our voice app My Box of Chocolates,” available on Amazon Alexa, authors can submit original short fiction and enhance the story by including interactive questions tengage the listener. 

Our Workshop on Writing Conversational Stories

The pre-conference workshop at Digital Book World is designed to help authors think creatively about two-way storytelling. Writers are familiar with the concept of an audiobook, which offers one-way communication to the listener. A story that leverages two-way communication between the storyteller and the listener, is a fairly new concept. 

The workshop is expected to cover:  

  • Key differences between audio stories and voice-driven conversational stories 

  • How to use two-way conversational components effectively 

  • 4 different types of conversational elements available to authors 

Check Out Additional Resources

We hope to see you next week in Nashville! If you’re not able to attend to the conference, you can still learn about our ideas on conversational storytelling. See our Author Tips page, as well as our blog post on Writing a “Transformational” Story for the “My Box of Chocolates” Voice App.


Photo by Austin Wills on Unsplash

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