May 25, 2017
Improved Tricky Genie!
June 28, 2017

Tricky Genie Usage

We’re thrilled and humbled by the recent spike in usage of our Tricky Genie skill. We launched the skill over a year ago. Our aim was to provide people of all ages, and especially families, with a fun voice-interactive experience. The tricky genie scenarios are designed to give you a little mental challenge, while still being enjoyable. We try to inject as much humor into the stories as possible.

Amazon recently surprised us with the announcement of their Developer Rewards Program for game skill developers. This program looks like it will give us the financial infusion we need to not only keep the tricky genie game going, but to add more scenarios.

As of just last week, we’ve doubled the number of game scenarios available in the tricky genie skill. We hope you’ll enjoy the new challenging situations the tricky genie finds people in. People never seem to run out of ways to get themselves into trouble! And the tricky genie continues to be up to the same old tricks, always trying to convince people that a bad solution is the best way out of their predicament.

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