Tricky Genie Usage
May 25, 2017


Welcome to our newly launched Tellables website. Not only do we have a new website, but we have a new name as well. For about the past year, Corey and I have been working under the name Hutchdotai. Our concept has been to build a virtual cabinet, or hutch, filled with engaging interactive content designed for talking devices. We also aimed to build a platform for hosting crowdsourced content for talking devices.

Now we’re returning to the name we started out with: Tellables. We’ve always thought the time would come when talking smart devices would be our daily companions. We’ve been anticipating the demand for interactive tellable content that can be told by our favorite voice assistant or conversational robot friend.

With the success of Amazon Echo, other Alexa-enabled devices, and other voice assistants, the time we envisioned is here. We’re seeing a heightened demand for tellable, interactive stories. Our goal is to be a leading provider of voice-first entertainment experiences. We’re excited to be early pioneers in this emerging space.

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