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May 25, 2017
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August 1, 2017

Improved Tricky Genie!

It’s finally here! The new and improved Tricky Genie skill went live this morning on the Amazon Alexa platform. We’ve worked hard over the past month to make the popular Tricky Genie game even better and more entertaining. Now a player really gets two chances to pick the sack with the best solution. If you choose a sack on your first try that you think might be the best one, you still have a chance to pick a second sack. After you see what’s inside your second pick, you have the option of sticking with your first choice or going with your second pick instead.

The game also gives you the opportunity to see what’s inside all three sacks now. Some of the sack contents are pretty amusing, so being able to peer into every sack can add fun to the game.

Now you also have the option of skipping the comprehension questions at the end of the story, just in case you’re not in an answering mood. If you decide to try the questions, Alexa now provides additional clarification to the answer regardless of whether your response is right or incorrect. That means you get a good reinforcing explanation of the question, even if you answer correctly.

We hope those of you who enjoy playing the Tricky Genie game will love this new version even more. Apart from these changes, we continue to add new scenarios to the game. Thanks for playing!!

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