Amazon Alexa Spreads Fake History
August 1, 2017
New Kid-Focused Stories
August 29, 2017

August Tricky Genie Stories

We’ve added a bunch of new stories to the Tricky Genie voice app this past month. If you haven’t played Tricky Genie on your Alexa device lately, see if you can outsmart the genie as he continues his trickery in these latest scenarios.

Over just the past week, we’ve added a story about two friends who go to the beach to enjoy a night of stargazing. Unfortunately, they end up without the one thing they really need in order to see the planets and the stars. But the tricky genie has lots of silly options for them to choose from.

Then there’s a story about Jemika, a young lady with a beautiful flower garden. She wants to bring a bright bouquet of flowers to a friend. But the bouquet ends up spending lots of time in a hot car in the sun. Guess what happens to the flowers. What can she bring to her friend instead? The tricky genie has some great ideas.

Have you played the game where two young friends get tempted by a merry-go-round on the way home from school? The results on their school clothes aren’t pretty. The genie has options to help keep the school kids out of hot water when they get home. See if you can find the only one that makes any sense.

Ask Alexa to play tricky genie to discover all the other new stories we’ve added this month.

If you haven’t checked out our new Fake History skill, now’s the time! This app is challenging and maybe even, dare we say?, a little on the tough side. But it’s a great way to learn interesting things about history. We hope you enjoy playing.

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