Alexa Podcast Episode 7
December 1, 2017
Future of Storytelling
January 22, 2018

Alexa Says “Good Grief!!”

Alexa has some awesome new expressions. Alexa can say funny things such as “oh boy,’ “good grief,” and “aw man!” We’ve been busy re-tooling our Hutch stories and the Tricky Genie scenarios so they take advantage of Alexa’s amusing expressions.

Amazon calls these new elements speechcons and they make a great addition to the type of kids’ stories that we offer with our two popular family friendly skills: Listening Comprehension Practice and Tricky Genie.

Just ask Alexa to enable “Tricky Genie” and then say “Alexa, play Tricky Genie” or “Alexa, ask Tricky Genie for a story.” You’ll get a chance to hear some of the latest Tricky Genie stories that use the new expressions.

If it’s a fun story you’re looking for,  ask Alexa to enable “Listening Comprehension Practice” and then say “Alexa, ask Hutch for a story.” The stories about the middle-schooler Hutch are amusing and geared towards younger children. The new Alexa expressions add pizzazz to the stories to help hold the attention of younger listeners. Children have a chance to sharpen their listening comprehension skills at the end of the story by answering a few questions.

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