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March 19, 2018
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July 3, 2018

Voice First Fiction

Today I launched a new blog called Voice First Fiction. I plan to explore the emerging world of fictional content created specifically for voice-driven devices, such as smart speakers and intelligent assistants. As more people gain access to devices that understand spoken language, and that are powered by AI, the opportunities for authors increase.

When we think of fiction today, chances are good we think first about a story or book we read, and maybe second about an audio book we listen to as someone reads it aloud. But new ways for people to engage in story worlds have been emerging for decades. Interactive choice-based games and stories are increasing in popularity on mobile devices. Smart speakers add the element of spoken voice commands, or even conversation, to the mix.

What types of fiction work well when delivered via a smart speaker? Where are the biggest opportunities for innovative authors in the world of voice first? Is the voice first world we seem to be in right now just a stepping stone to more immersive AR/VR experiences where AI characters understand what we’re saying and interact with us more naturally? These are all topics I plan to explore in the new blog.

At the same time, my colleagues and I here at Tellables continue to design and deploy our own examples of voice first fiction. As I mentioned in a previous post, we have several new story-driven voice games in development and hope to launch them soon. We’re also working on building tools that can help jumpstart the efforts of creative authors who want to reach new audiences on voice first platforms.


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