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July 3, 2018
Digital Book World and Voice First Fiction
September 11, 2018

Stories As A Service?

What’s so compelling about stories? Lots of things! But three reasons people love fictional tales are because they:

  • Help satisfy our natural curiosity about other people’s lives
  • Offer temporary relief from our own daily concerns
  • Provide us with the pleasure of feeling empathy for another person, even if that person is a fictional character

People who like stories seek them out in many different places, including books, movies, and on mobile devices. Smart speakers, with their ability to understand natural language and respond to commands and questions, are now joining the list of places where people can come to get their story fix.

Even though smart speakers are touted as “voice first,” they’re mostly used today as “audio first” devices. People use voice-driven commands to start a playlist of their favorite music, or ambient sounds, or to listen to a podcast. But smart speakers also deliver pre-recorded audiobooks, or interactive story games.

At Tellables we’re experimenting with ways to leverage smart speaker platforms to offer something akin to “stories as a service.” What do we mean by that? We’re envisioning a scenario where people talk with their smart voice assistant, in the same way they might talk to an acquaintance who is great at telling stories.

People hungering for a bite of fiction can engage with the voice assistant to hear a brief snackable story, specifically designed to be “told,” and then maybe even engage in brief conversation about the story afterwards.

We’ve been working on new voice apps to showcase this concept. The aim is to provide a novel way for “listeners” to interact with fun stories. We plan to launch our next voice first story experiences soon.

Our voice apps feature short fictional content that’s written in-house and commissioned from talented freelance authors. We’ll be accepting submissions for content soon, so if you’re a writer, stay tuned for our upcoming announcements!

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