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September 11, 2018
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Author Spotlight: Barbara Samuels

Author Spotlight: Barbara Samuels

Welcome to our first author spotlight, where you’ll get the inside story on independent authors whose content is featured in voice apps by Tellables.

Award-Winning Humorist

The first spotlight features Barbara Samuels, an award-winning humorist from the Treasure Coast of Florida. Her work has been published in magazines, trade journals, and anthologies. She is the 2013 Robert Benchley Humor Award winner, has earned a top Royal Palm Literary Award, and has been honored by the National Pen Women five times for her personal essays.

This author’s comedic passion is evident through her essays, speeches, stand-up, and her soon to be released book; How I Walked the Camino Without Leaving My Backyard. This former teacher, now author and professional eavesdropper, finds humor wherever she goes.

Creator of the Chocolatier Coco

Samuels is the first author to be featured in Chocolate Box Stories: the upcoming Tellables skill designed for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Samuels is the creative talent behind Coco, a Chocolatier of a certain age whose wit has the same sharp edge as a bonbon made from 90% dark cacao. Coco sees the humorous side of every encounter, making each of her candy stories a real treat. Her special “Dating Edition” chocolates will be featured in our first candy assortment.

In addition to her story contributions, Samuel has provided invaluable input into the design of the Chocolate Box Stories voice app. The team at Tellables went through multiple iterations before hitting on the right mix of conversational storytelling ingredients.

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