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August 19, 2018
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September 22, 2018

Digital Book World and Voice First Fiction

Digital Book World is just a few weeks away. This year’s premier event for digitally-aware authors takes place in Nashville, TN and is produced under the new management of Score Publishing and its leader Bradley Metrock.

Metrock and the team at VoiceFirst.FM, in addition to all their other writer-focused offerings, have been at the forefront of the voice first ecosystem. They held the first Alexa Conference in 2017 and the event continues to expand and gain recognition and sponsors.

It’s therefore no surprise to see that DBW will include tracks focused exclusively on voice first fiction and what the new world of smart speakers and voice assistants means for authors and publishers.

Dave Isbitski (Chief Evangelist, Amazon Alexa) will be speaking on: Storytelling in a Voice First World.

I’m excited to be on the agenda as well with my talk: How Authors Can Benefit from the Rise of Smart Speakers. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Consumer adoption of smart speakers is skyrocketing, with more people talking to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant every day. This presentation explores how authors can ride the “voice first” revolution to reach new audiences, while leveraging a once in a century opportunity to pioneer innovative forms of conversational fiction.

I’ll be touching on the different types of fiction appearing on smart speakers and discuss which ones are gaining traction. I’ll also explore the opportunity that creative writers have to develop completely new forms of interactive fiction. To read more about my thoughts in this area, I invite you to head over to Voice First Fiction and also stay tuned for upcoming announcements from Tellables to coincide with DBW. 

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