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October 22, 2018
My Box of Chocolates is Live on Alexa!
November 28, 2018

Wanted – Funny Stories!

Tellables is actively seeking author submissions for our new conversational story experience, soon to launch on the Amazon Alexa platform. Our box of chocolates voice app offers listeners amusing bite-sized stories, each paired with a virtual chocolate candy.

What We’re Looking For

For the chocolate box voice app we’re specifically looking for humorous stories that run about 200 words. While topics can vary, the general trend is toward stories that involve an element of romance or an amusing slice of life experience.

Our Chocolatiers Narrate the Stories

All stories in this series are told in the “voice” of one of our three fictional chocolatiers:

  • Brandon is young, handsome, and somewhat full of himself. His view of dating and romance is similar to his take on chocolates–namely, variety is the spice of life.

  • Coco is seasoned, both in chocolate making and in life. She enjoys reliving experiences from her past and has a talent for conjuring humorous treats out of everyday ingredients.

  • Archie, a native of Great Britain, relishes stories told by the customer’s in his chocolate shop. He retells these tales in his own words, usually while sampling his latest batch of fudge.

The Matching Candy

Each chocolate story is matched to a tempting virtual candy that represents some element of the tale.

For example, the Florida Orange Truffle is paired with a story involving Brandon’s failed attempt to sell enough oranges to impress the woman behind his baseball team’s annual fundraiser. The Prom Date Praline matches the tale of Coco’s teenage drama at securing a date for her junior prom.

Funny in Just 200 Words??

Writing a funny story with just 200 words is a challenge. The task is even tougher when you factor in that the story will be told by a synthetic voice (using text-to-speech technology). Our advice is to employ a spare writing approach that avoids dialogue and unnecessary descriptions. Including two funny parts, such as an amusing scene in the middle and a punch line or twist at the end, is a good approach.

Got a Funny Valentine’s Day Story?

We’re currently especially interested in stories around the theme of “Valentine’s Day.” Before you submit, check out more pointers on the Author Tips page. Once you’re ready to submit, use the form on our submission page. We look forward to reading your stories!

Post Header Image – Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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