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December 21, 2018
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January 10, 2019

Alexa Conference and World’s Fair

Tellables is proud to be an exhibitor at the Alexa Conference and World’s Fair, taking place from January 15-17 in Chattanooga, TN and hosted by Score Publishing, the team behind VoiceFirst.FM.

Amazon as Sponsor!

The 2nd Annual Alexa Conference, which happened in January 2018, was a fantastic event, bringing together an international group of voice first pioneers. But as great as the 2018 conference was, the upcoming 2019 version is set to blow the roof off of previous events.

Amazon is sponsoring the conference, along with many other high profile companies in the voice first space. Bradley Metrock of Score Publishing has secured a cadre of fantastic speakers from across the industry.

You can have a look at the full conference program here.

I’ll be giving a presentation on the topic “Capturing Attention: Using Alexa to Tell Stories” and discussing how authors can use voice assistants to engage audiences in completely new ways.

Tellables Exhibits Virtual Human Storytellers

Tellables is participating in the highly anticipated Alexa World’s Fair. We’ll be showcasing an exciting new offering: Virtual Human Storytellers. Our virtual storytellers leverage the characters and narrative content from our recently released Amazon Alexa voice app “My Box of Chocolates.”

Anyone with an Amazon Alexa-enabled device can experience the voice app by saying “Alexa, open my box of chocolates.” Alexa helps people navigate through the chocolate assortment to sample and select different candies. Each chocolate comes with a matching story, narrated by a chocolatier who created the virtual confection. New assortments are added each month.

Tellables now offers virtual humans, created using Amazon’s Sumerian software and Polly voice service. Our virtual chocolatiers tell the stories associated with each candy. These VR-ready characters will be available on various platforms beginning in 2019.

A sample experience is available here. Be sure to unmute your mic as soon as the video starts.

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