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February 5, 2019
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Recent Podcast Appearances

Our Founder Amy Stapleton had the opportunity to appear on three voicefirst podcasts over the past several weeks. Here’s a list and brief description, starting with the most recently published podcast. Podcast with Bret Kinsella

Amy sat down with Bret Kinsella at the Alexa World’s Fair, part of the Alexa Conference this past January in Chattanooga, TN. Bret is host of the podcast and has a vast background in voice technology, applications, and use cases. His questions led to an in-depth discussion of the difference between interactive fiction and conversational stories. The interview provides a broad understanding of the origins of the Tellables My Box of Chocolates skill, and why it represents a compelling new opportunity for indie authors.

Alexa in Canada

Dr. Teri Fisher M.D. publishes his Alexa in Canada podcast every week. He covers a wide range of voice assistant topics and gives lots of airtime to third party voice app developers. Dr. Fisher was a presence at the Alexa Conference. In conjunction with VoiceFirst.FM he’ll also be involved with the Voice of Healthcare Summit this coming August.

In his interview with Stapleton, Dr. Fisher asked lots of questions about how the My Box of Chocolates skill works and how writers can submit their stories and get on board.

VUX World with Kane Simms and Dustin Coates

Kane and Dustin just recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of their VUX World podcast. They offer the show under the VoiceFirst.FM umbrella, but differentiate themselves from the other content by focusing heavily on the design aspects and technical challenges of voice apps.

Amy says she really enjoyed getting into the weeds (so to speak) during her interview with Kane and Dustin. They both wanted to know details about the design of our My Box of Chocolates skill. Some of the discussed topics included our team’s thought process around the skill’s interaction model and our attempt to use elements of situational design. We also talked about the current design and prototyping tools available to voice app designers.

Thanks for Listening!

Thanks to any and all of you who’ve listened to one or more of Amy’s podcast appearances.

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