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False Key Fantasy Chocolates

Introducing the False Key Box of Chocolates

Our assortment of chocolates for April 2019 delivers a blend of fantasy and flavor. We’ve partnered with a group of Florida authors to bring you a dozen chocolate stories inspired by the False Key fantasy series.

False key is an island of dreams and nightmares and can’t be located by GPS. Our chocolatiers Opal, Archie, Coco, and Brandon each found their way to the island after attending a chocolate convention in Miami. Before they’d even dipped their toes into the water, strange things began to happen.

Ask Alexa to “open my box of chocolates” to immerse yourself in a world of mermaids and shifters, and to talk with Alexa about your thoughts on each of the stories.   

About the False Key Fantasy Series

The False Key series is the brainchild of author Serena Schreiber, who has been spearheading the effort to publish a new book of False Key stories annually since 2014. Contributing authors to this box of chocolates include Serena Schreiber, Kathy Spalding, Anthony Stevens, and Ellen Lyons. Get a free book at the False Key website.

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Hear the False Key Stories on a Podcast or Soundcloud

For those who don’t have access to an Alexa device, we’ve made all the False Key chocolate stories available on a streaming podcast, as well as here on SoundCloud. You won’t have the full interactive experience, but you’ll be able to enjoy the stories. You can listen to the podcast here on Podbean. We’re working on distributing the podcast to other channels. 

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