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April 28, 2019
Recent Outreach to Authors
June 19, 2019

Stories of Summer Romance

What’s Inside the Box?

School is out and the weather is warming up.  As an ode to the season, we thought it was time for a box of chocolate stories dedicated to summer romance. The new assortment is available starting June 1st.

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, put your feet up, and reward yourself with a few uninterrupted minutes of enjoyment to hear the stories told by our chocolatiers. Did the stories bring back any personal memories? Alexa’s there to help you think about the story and prompt you with fun questions.

If it’s your very first time opening a box, try saying “Alexa, enable My Box of Chocolates.” After that you can simply ask Alexa to “open My Box of Chocolates” whenever you have time to relax and enjoy a few bite-sized stories.

What’s Different About this Assortment?

With this latest assortment we’re trying something a little bit different. Each story spans across two candies, so you’ll need to have the appetite for two pieces of delicious chocolate to find out what happens. But as with all the candies, these chocolates are calorie and guilt-free. 

Listening Tip!

Many of our most avid listeners say they prefer hearing the stories through the Alexa app and their favorite earphones / headset. This offers a more immersive experience, while allowing for greater freedom of movement. We thought we’d pass along the tip. 

Featuring ….

We’re pleased to present the featured independent authors of the Summer Romance assortment. See the bottom of this post for information on how to become a featured author in an upcoming assortment!


Featured Authors

Brian Bohmueller

Chocolates 7 & 8 – Part 1 Cat’s Paw, Part 2 Cat’s Paw
Archie spots someone from his romantic past, shopping through his window.

“When the half moons of her eyes hove into view with a sweet pinch of a smile, I did a double take.”

Brian Bohmueller is a mechnical engineer, science educator and grassroots activist in several n-verses. On this timelime specifically he writes SpecFic, poetry and ethical thought experiments at He also enjoys letterboxing, kayaking, and puzzles with extra meta. 

Tyrean Martinson

Chocolates 9 & 10 – Part 1 Blueberry Cream, Part 2 Blueberry Cream
Amber recounts Samantha’s story of youthful summer passion by the sea.

“It was then she’d seen Douglas–walking out of the waves, tossing his long hair back over his shoulder, wearing skin-tight green swim trunks.”

Tyrean Martinson is a writer, teacher, believer, and daydreamer residing in Washington State. She is a member of the PNWA and the SCBWI, as well as a volunteer admin for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. She writes short stories, poetry, non-fiction books, and novels including The Champion Trilogy, Ashes Burn Seasons 1-7, Eight if By Sea, A Jumble of 500+ Writing Prompts, and Dynamic Writing 1,2,3 (home-school curriculum for 8th-10th grade students). Her current works in progress include a teen superhero novel, a MG fantasy novel, and an interactive journal. Instagram: @tyreanmartinson

Call for Submissions 

We’re looking for stories to include in upcoming chocolate assortments. See our Chocolate Box Stories page for more details and follow us on Instagram @Tellables!


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