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May 28, 2019
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July 8, 2019

Recent Outreach to Authors

Still Early Days, But Not for Long

We’ve been talking a lot about the opportunities for authors in the world of voice first devices. It’s still early days. Lots of people own and use voice assistants, but most aren’t using them yet to hear stories.

Still, it seems inevitable that we’ll be talking more and more to smart virtual personalities, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The more we grow accustomed to these conversations, the more we’ll want to hear stories.

Post on the Insecure Writer’s Support Group

We were recently featured in a guest blog post on the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. This website and supporting network has been around since 2011 and relies on a large team of writers to contribute to the monthly blog.

If you haven’t been to the website or looked into the services offered by IWSG, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Post on BookWorks

Bookworks also ran a guest blog post, where we shared ideas on how authors can start leveraging voice first devices to grow their audience. The article contains a comprehensive list of the tools and options available to writers who want to explore getting published on smart speakers.

BooksWorks is a website dedicated to helping indie authors. They’ve recently been running a series on the world of voice first, which includes an insightful article on how authors should pay attention to Voice SEO. When someone asks Alexa or Google Assistant about you or your book, what answer gets returned? The article talks about what you can do to control the response.


Check out our recent articles for a list of options on how to get started using voice technologies to promote your brand as an author.

Our voice app “My Box of Chocolates” is one way to get published on Amazon Alexa. We encourage you to listen to the voice app on any Alexa-enabled device. Say “Alexa, enable my box of chocolates” if you’re listening for the first time.

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