Writing Contest: Holiday Double Chocolate Stories
October 28, 2019
2019 Holiday Double Chocolate Assortment
December 6, 2019

Holiday Writing Contest Winners!

Our Holiday Writing Contest

The judges have selected the winning entries in our 2019 Holiday Writing Contest

This contest challenged authors to write a “double chocolate” story for our voice app on Amazon Alexa. A double chocolate story is a bite-sized 2-part tale, with each part represented by a piece of delicious (virtual) chocolate.

The authors were also asked to write in the voice of a virtual chocolatier and add “conversational elements” to their story. After all, the whole point of these chocolate stories is to engage listeners as they interact with an Amazon Alexa smart speaker (or other Alexa-enabled device). 

We received more entries for this competition than we’ve ever received and we’re pleased to announce the winning authors and their chocolate stories:

Announcing the Winners!


1st Place: Michelle Rene -“White Chocolate Peppermint Bark” – $100
2nd Place: Ellen Lyons – “Timely Mint Twist” – $50
3rd Place (Tied): Kelly Abell – “Peppermint Bonbon Miracle” – $25
3rd Place (Tied): PJ Devlin – “Snow Chocolate” – $25
Judge’s “Originality” Award: Chris Rasmussen – “Jingle Bells Bonbon” – $20


Congratulations to the winning authors! The Holiday Assortment isn’t available yet, but it should be available very soon. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, open the My Box of Chocolates voice app and listen to the winning stories from our Halloween Writing Contest.

To experience this box of conversational stories, make sure to enable the skill by saying “Alexa, enable my box of chocolates.” After that, you can simply ask Alexa to “open my box of chocolates” whenever you have time to relax and enjoy a bite-sized story and matching virtual candy.

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