Valentine’s Writing Contest Winners!
January 24, 2020

Valentine’s Assortment of Sweet Chocolate Stories

Valentines Sweet Double Chocolate Stories:

It wouldn’t be the Valentine’s season without a delicious box of chocolates. We’re proud to present the newest assortment of savory-sweet virtual candies with matching “double chocolate” stories.

In case you missed the big news, here are the winners of our Valentine’s Writing Contest. All of their wonderful two-part tales from the chocolate shop are featured in this assortment.



1st Place: Jemi Fraser – “Lily’s Lucky Limes” – $100
2nd Place: Janet Shawgo – “Sweet Penny” – $50
3rd Place: Lauren Barker – “Tricky Truffle Surprise” – $25
Honorable Mention: Kelly Abell – “Chocolate Kiss Surprise” – $15



How to Listen?

To experience this box of conversational stories, make sure to enable the skill by saying “Alexa, enable my box of chocolates.” After that, you can simply ask Alexa to “open my box of chocolates” whenever you have time to relax and enjoy a bite-sized story.

Any Alexa-enabled device will work, including Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, free Alexa App, Fire Tablet, and Fire TV. The stories are also great to share with friends!

Featured Authors

Kelly Abell 

Candy 1 & 2 – Chocolate Kiss Surprise
Kandy takes part in a romantic conspiracy. But is there more to the conspiracy than she realizes?

     “I was part of a conspiracy with the US Government, and I couldn’t be happier on this Valentine’s Day. “

Kelly Abell is the author of internationally best-selling romances and romantic suspense. Her characters are filled with passion, power and purpose in predicaments that keep a reader turning the pages. She lives in Florida where she helps other writers by teaching workshops and sharing writing tips on her blog. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Lauren Barker

Candy 3 & 4 – Tricky Truffle Surprise
A chocolatier is goaded into doing something regrettable by a chocolate that can’t stop giving advice.

“I could almost hear the chocolate itself talking. “Hey, you. Go get a life, will you!

Lauren Barker enjoys a little mystery, which is good because she can never seem to find her keys. When she isn’t writing, hunting for her keys, or working as a museum educator at a historic site in Maryland, she busies herself gobbling down stories like they’re actual chocolates. Fantasy and science-fiction are her favorite flavors. Her slipstream short story, “Boxes,” was recently published in the anthology, Beneath Strange Stars, and she is currently working on a contemporary fantasy novel.

Janet Shawgo

Candy 5 & 6 – Sweet Penny
A young girl enters a Valentine’s drawing contest, and ends up inspiring the creation of a very special chocolate.

“She looked up at me and said there was one more person who needed to see the drawing.”

Janet Shawgo is author of the award winning Look for Me series as well as the acclaimed thriller Archidamus. Born and raised in Amarillo Texas, Shawgo calls Galveston home. She has retired after thirty-six years of nursing, most of those in Labor and Delivery. Janet has crossed the United States as a travel nurse for twenty-three of those years. You can learn more about the author at her website. Follow her on Twitter at @JanetShawgo and Instagram at author_janetshawgo.

Jemi Fraser

Candy 7 & 8 – Lily’s Lucky Limes
A charming princess wanders into a chocolate shop on a mission, but can she make her dream come true?

“This princess wore a sparkling green dress with clear lacy overskirts that shone with jewels.”

Jemi Fraser is an eclectic reader and writer. Her suspense story Until Release is in the Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime anthology. DANCING WITH DEMENTIA, a guide to recognizing and coping with the early stages of Dementia, will be available in the fall of 2019.

Michelle Rene

Candy 9 & 10 – Peanut Butter Kiss
A chocolatier is coming off of a bad breakup, and now things are just getting worse!

“On top of everything, we ran out of my specialty candy the day before Valentine’s Day.”

Michelle Rene is a multi-award winning author of historical and speculative fiction. Her novel, Hour Glass, was named Chanticleer Review’s best book of the year. When not writing, she’s a professional artist and autism mom. She lives with her husband, son, and ungrateful cat in Dallas, Texas. Learn more about the author by visiting her website.

Tabatha Miliaresis

Candy 11 & 12 – Chocolate Tour Bonbon
Not only is she selling tours of the chocolate factory, she’s trying her skills as a matchmaker. But is that a good idea?

     “I simply can’t help playing matchmaker, when they just need a little shove in the right direction.”

Tabatha Miliaresis is a contributing author to this assortment.

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