Chocolate Box – Assortment 1


Extra Sticky Caramel Truffle

Ever tried online dating? Coco was one of the first of her generation to give it a shot. The resulting sticky situation inspired this truffle.

Prom Date Praline

High school prom: the source of much teenage angst. Coco was no different. This candy was inspired by how it turned out.

Florida Orange Truffle

Even as a boy, Brandon’s ego and desire to impress landed him in some funny situations. Case in point: the very orange truffle.

Pina Colada Surprise

Brandon meets a young lady who seems like a perfect match. But looks can be deceiving, just as in the case of this little candy.

Bon Voyage Bonbon

Sometimes painful rejection is the beginning of blissful perfection. Now if Archie can just convince his friend to go for a cruise!

Pathetic Praline

Brandon meets a young lady who seems like a Archie dedicates this sad candy to his friend Winston. Things started out all wrong, but will Winston have the last laugh?in the case of this little candy.

Mud Pie Turtle

There’s nothing quite like the innocence of young puppy love; especially when mixed with lots of mischief.

Double Decker Nut Cluster

Everyone has had a bad blind date. But no one has experienced a blind date quite this bad.

Chocolate Cherry Bonbon

He was young. She was a few years older. What would it take, to win her affection; and another piece of homemade cherry pie!

Mango Margarita Square

Spring break, college boys, tropical drinks and pretty girls. What could possibly go wrong?

Candy Corn Praline

How can a broken-down car be the best thing to happen to Beth all year? And why candy corn?

Jackpot Truffle

Archie’s chocolate shop regular Nicole has had a streak of bad luck. Her boyfriend left, her job is stressful. What’s next to go wrong?