Chocolate Box – Assortment 2


Dumbbell Bonbon

New Year’s Resolutions can curtail business at a chocolate shop, but Archie has devised a win-win strategy to maintain his customer’s appetite for his candies.

Holiday Rum Ball

They say it’s better to give than to receive. Coco would wholeheartedly agree, especially considering the gifts her family chose for her.

New Year’s Surprise

On New Year’s Eve, tradition holds that we share the first kiss with the one we love. That was Archie’s plan, but a New Year’s Eve party went slightly awry.

Holiday Stuffed Date

As we ring in a New Year, we have to re-wire our brains to write down the new number. Easier said, than done!

Beanbag Bonbon

Online dating can land a person in some unexpected situations. Brandon’s Bean Bag Bonbon resembles one such embarrassing moment.

Lobster Praline

Vegetarian? Gluten-Free? Vegan? These days it’s hard to predict your date’s dietary habits. But lobster?

Overstuffed Bonbon

We all know the situation. You’re invited to someone’s big day and you want to look your best. But at what cost?

Tainted Taffy

Some weddings are unforgettable–just not for the right reasons.

Bacon Truffle

Brandon once went out with a young lady who loved dogs. But on some dates, it’s best not to try too hard to please.

Cappuccino Praline

If computer dating algorithms are so smart, how can they be so wrong? Might as well enjoy a cup of coffee and a chocolate while we ponder the question.

Lopsided Confection

This lopsided little candy just goes to show–as far as relationships are concerned–perfection doesn’t mean things have to be perfect.

Meatball Truffle

Lot’s of people go to weddings for the food. At this wedding, the food was front and center. And all over the place.