Chocolate Box – Assortment 3


Part 1 Snowball Truffle

Coco had a close encounter with snow. LOTS of snow! Part 1 of her story ends on a cliffhanger. Written by Barbara Samuels.

Head Over Heels Praline

As an ode to Valentine’s Day, Brandon fashions a candy to mimic the feeling of falling in love.

Chocolate Bunny

Archie offers a classic chocolate bunny, while the matching story promises to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Part 2 Snowball Truffle

Coco’s cliffhanger finds its chilly resolution in this 2 nd half of her snowball story. Written by Barbara Samuels.

Tuscon Heart

Written by our featured author Kate Gale, this nostalgic story of young romance introduces our new chocolatier Opal.

No Guarantee Bonbon

Brandon’s sweet heart collection doesn’t satisfy a customer, causing him to demand his money back. But were the chocolates the problem?

Octopus Cluster

Another story by Kate Gale, this bittersweet coming of age story transports you to a warm climate.

Summer Breeze Truffle

Designed for a favorite customer, Archie’s strongly scented candy conjures up fond memories.

Bacon Pink Rose Bonbon

Kate Gale’s pink rose story explores the challenge of relationships, while still striking a positive note.

Part 1 Hopeful Valentine

Every year the young Ethan buys a Valentine’s Day assortment from Brandon. And every year, he gets his heart broken. But why?

Moose Antlers

Featured author Kate Gale takes us on an impromptu camping trip, and into the heart of a young woman.

Part 2 Hopeful Valentine

Part 2 of the Hopeful Valentine brings Ethan’s story to a close. Listen to find out if young Ethan finally comes out ahead.