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Writing stories for voice assistants is different than writing traditional short stories. Our voice apps currently use text-to-speech (machine generated) voices to narrate stories. There are limitations to this technology.

Use these tips to improve your chances of getting your story accepted by our editorial staff:

  • Keep your story short and to the point (200 word limit).
  • Avoid the use of dialogue (does not work well with machine-generated speech)
  • Include humor where possible, especially in the form of a twist or funny ending.
  • Think of your story as a brief and humorous slice of life.


Brandon is a fictional chocolatier who writes stories about some of his dating exploits and memories of past romantic ambitions. Here’s a sample of one of the candies and the associated story from Brandon’s Passion Fruits box of chocolates.

Orange Truffle
Candy Type: Truffle

Candy Description
The orange truffle looks just like a tiny Florida orange. It’s a milk chocolate candy hand-dipped in orange glaze. The center is filled with a burst of orange-flavored cream.  This candy is all about citrus. 

Candy Story
Have you ever heard the saying: too much of a good thing, is bad?  When I was a kid, I found that out.  I liked playing baseball.  Actually, the reason I liked the game was our coach’s wife.  We called her Mrs. Q.  I had a schoolboy crush on her.  She was in charge of our annual fundraisers. One year we were supposed to sell boxes of Florida oranges.  To impress Mrs. Q., I signed up for 20 boxes. Did I mention I probably couldn’t even sell life preservers to passengers on the Titanic? Turns out I sold only 3 of the 20 boxes. My poor mother bought the rest. To teach me a lesson, she insisted I have multiple glasses of fresh-squeezed orange juice every morning. I drank so much juice, I couldn’t even look at the color orange without breaking out into hives. The following year my crush on Mrs. Q had all but disappeared. That’s when I set my sights on her daughter Emily–a girl scout. You think I would have learned my lesson from the oranges–but no. I volunteered to help her sell cookies. I still can’t look at a box of thin mints without getting queasy.

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