August 23, 2019

Assortment 9: Women’s Equality Day!

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day In the U.S. we celebrate Women’s Equality on August 26th. What’s special about that day? A century ago, that date marked an important milestone in the march for women’s civil rights. You can learn more by listening to the first candy story in the box! One of our regular contributing authors suggested we use this occasion to present an assortment of […]
July 30, 2019

VOICE 2019 Wrap-Up

Tellables was a startup sponsor and exhibitor at last week’s VOICE Summit 2019, hosted by the team at Modev. We had a terrific time in Newark at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where we had Table 1 in Startup Alley (the best location in the house!). Here are our key conference takeaways: Voice-First Content Is a Paradigm Shift Voice technology is still new and […]
July 8, 2019

Assortment 8: Miracles & Families

A Taste of the Miraculous Feeling weighed down by your daily routine? Too busy to notice how amazing the world can be? Assortment 8 might be the cure you need. Join our chocolatiers to experience the latest box of chocolate stories, designed to open your mind and lift your spirits.   The theme of this box is “Miracles & Families.” Each story features something miraculous and ties […]
June 19, 2019

Recent Outreach to Authors

Still Early Days, But Not for Long We’ve been talking a lot about the opportunities for authors in the world of voice first devices. It’s still early days. Lots of people own and use voice assistants, but most aren’t using them yet to hear stories. Still, it seems inevitable that we’ll be talking more and more to smart virtual personalities, like Amazon Alexa and Google […]
May 28, 2019

Stories of Summer Romance

What’s Inside the Box? School is out and the weather is warming up.  As an ode to the season, we thought it was time for a box of chocolate stories dedicated to summer romance. The new assortment is available starting June 1st. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, put your feet up, and reward yourself with a few uninterrupted minutes of enjoyment to […]
April 28, 2019

Call for Submissions – Summer Romance Theme!

My Box of Chocolates – Bite-Sized Stories of Summer Romance Do you love chocolates?  Well, Tellables has a big box of chocolates for you–except you’ve never had chocolates like these before. This box of chocolates is a collection of very short stories by independent authors (just like you!) told by an imaginary chocolatier character that plays on Alexa-enabled devices. Have you ever visited a chocolate […]
April 26, 2019

Mother’s Day Chocolate Stories

What’s Inside the Box? Our assortment of chocolates for May 2019 is dedicated to Mother’s Day. The box offers a variety of flavorful tales: from sweetly sentimental, to deliciously funny, to thoughtful and savory. Though the candies appear similar, each bonbon features a unique creamy interior designed to match the accompanying story. To experience this box of voice responsive stories, make sure to enable the […]
April 26, 2019

We’ll Be At VOICE Summit 2019!

VOICE Voice industry experts from around the globe are set to gather in Newark, NJ from July 22-25 for the second VOICE Summit. Last year’s VOICE, hosted by Pete Erickson’s Modev, was a smashing success. This year’s conference is shaping up to be even bigger and better. We’re a Sponsor! Tellables is a proud sponsor of the event. We’ll be featured in the Startup Exhibits, […]
March 29, 2019

False Key Fantasy Chocolates

Introducing the False Key Box of Chocolates Our assortment of chocolates for April 2019 delivers a blend of fantasy and flavor. We’ve partnered with a group of Florida authors to bring you a dozen chocolate stories inspired by the False Key fantasy series. False key is an island of dreams and nightmares and can’t be located by GPS. Our chocolatiers Opal, Archie, Coco, and Brandon […]