Tellables Privacy Policy

Tellables, Inc. (“Tellables”, or “we” or “us”) owns and operates third-party voice interactive applications (“apps”) that run on platforms provided by technology platform owners (“Platform Owners”). Examples of Platform Owners include, but may not be limited to, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Tellables also operates the website We recognize that you may be concerned about our treatment of the information (“Information”) that we collect when you interact with our apps or website. Accordingly, this privacy policy (this “Policy”) addresses those concerns and both describes the Information that we may collect and explains how we use this Information.

You should note that when you interact directly with a Platform Owner’s device or with any third-party apps that are not operated by Tellables, your data may be collected by apps that are  owned and controlled by a third party (“Third Party”). This Policy does not apply to any Information that you share with Third Party apps. Before disclosing Information, you should verify that you know the identity of the party to whom you are making a disclosure and the privacy policy that applies to the treatment of your Information.

Information We Collect

Text Versions of Your Voice Utterances

All of our apps are designed to be interactive, based on voice input from the user. When you use our apps, you are prompted to provide voice inputs to play a game, advance a story, or respond to a question. We receive a text version of any voice input or response you speak into your smart device in response to a prompt from our app. For example, if our app asks you to choose between book one, two, and three, we receive a text version of the number you say.

At the current time, we do not receive or collect any audio files that contain recordings of your voice. We only receive a text version of your utterances.

Your Unique Device or User ID

Platform Owners provide us with anonymous unique identifiers, such as device or user ID. Since these identifiers are anonymous, we are not able to ascertain your identity based on this information.

Usage Frequency Information

Platform Owners provide us with data on how often you engage with our apps.

Language and Geographic Data

Platform Owners provide us with information about the region in which you are located when you are using your smart device, as well as what language setting you have selected.

Other Demographic Information

Platform Owners may from time to time provide us with other anonymous demographic information about you.

Name and Email Address If You Provide Them On Our Website

If you sign up for our newsletter by entering your name and email address in the form on our website, we store this information in a database.

How We Use Information We Collect

We use your utterances to drive the action of our apps, which may be to advance the game or story, or determine how you answer a question.

We also use your utterances to determine if there was an error during the app interaction. We track failure rates to identify errors or issues within our code that may be causing interaction failures,

We use the unique identifier provided to us by the Platform Owners to determine whether you have already heard a story or played a specific game scenario. By using this identifier, we are able to ensure that you only hear content that you have not heard previously (assuming that you have not yet exhausted all of the dynamic content available to the app at that point in time).

We may use usage data to better understand how often users engage with our apps. This data is anonymous, so we are not able to identify a specific user by name. Platform Owners may use usage data to make payments to us, such as royalty payments based on how often our apps are used.

We use language, geographic, and other demographic information to find out where our apps are popular and to help us design content that can better serve the widest possible audience.

We use your name and email address, should provide them to us voluntarily, to send you occasional updates and announcements about Tellables apps.

What Information We Share

We do not share any of the information we collect through our apps or our website with any third parties.


Tellables has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of any Information under our control.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Information that we collect on this Site, your privacy or our security measures, please contact us at You may also write to us at the address provided below.

Tellables, Inc.
2440 SE Federal Hwy, Ste. T
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Changes To This Policy

Tellables may at any time revise this Policy by updating this posting.